Nový článek v zahraničním journalu s IF autorů Hana Černá Silovská & Petr Kolařík

Hana Černá Silovská a Petr Kolařík nově publikovali odborný článek v zahraničním periodiku evidovaném na Web of Science, tj. Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja.

Jedná se o článek s názvem „Traditional and alternative methods of tourist event evaluation: case study of the Czech Republic“.


This contribution presents and discusses selected methods and techniques applied in the area of tourist event assessment with a main focus on their economic effects evaluation. Besides the traditional evaluation models, such as the Inputoutput analysis or the CGE model, one newer and less common methodology – the local multiplier LM3 is introduced. This evaluation method has not been applied yet (in its full version) on any particular event, but it seems to have a potential to become more widespread, especially for evaluating events of local character and impact. This paper also observes the current research stages in terms of event tourism in the Czech Republic, where event industry increased its importance in the last decades. It offers an exhaustive listing of all the studies observing primarily event economic impacts in the Czech regions. The results of this study present a classification of the Czech events economic impact studies according to the applied methodology and also some recommendations for selection particular methodology according to a specific type of an event.


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Citace: Hana Černá Silovská & Petr Kolařík (2019) Traditional and alternative methods of tourist event evaluation: case study of the czech republic, Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja, 32:1, 2063-2079, DOI: 10.1080/1331677X.2019.1642777